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Welcome to the website of The Friends of Arundel Cathedral.
The stones of our Cathedral have been hewn – are heavy – with meaning. They stand where they are, to raise our minds and hearts to God and to call to all of us across the hills and valleys of Sussex. They speak of faith and faithfulness, of joy, of hope, of persistence.
But what lies at their heart is what matters. Within these walls, every soul can find a space. Here, under these soaring vaults are enacted the holiest, noblest things of which men and women are capable. Here, where pinnacles and buttresses crown the hill, the young declare their plans for living, and older ones their vows for life; and when our course is run, it is here that we make our last farewells. Here, care and kindness spread out into our community, sustaining and supporting it.

When you cross our threshold here, whether physically or in spirit, you will be entering not just into the very soul of humanity, but into the presence of God.

You can become more closely associated with this lovely building and its ministry by joining us, The Friends of Arundel Cathedral, whose task it is to raise awareness of the need to maintain the fabric of the building and its artefacts, for future generations to cherish and preserve in their turn. Membership is rewarding – and enjoyable!

Telephone: 01903 884567
Email aruncathfriends@btconnect.com

Registered Charity No: 1078149

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